Getting My Feet Off the Ground

Starting something like this has always been quite surreal to me. It’s this clean, blank slate – where am I supposed to start? I would generally feel inclined to do an introductory post, but I’m sure there’s plenty about me scattered across these pages already. If you want to know me, about this site, hell, if you want to know about my dreams, just click across to the About page, or the FAQ page if you want to hear about my writings behind the scenes – oh, and of course there’s that short lil’ bit at the bottom of my blog, a brief profile.

So… where to then?

I’ve made several attempts at blogging in the past; the issue, I’ve found, is it’s been a kind of diary-blogging, and thus I tended only to post in a whirl of emotional distress. This left long chunks of time without updates, and also made me feel like it wasn’t ME, but rather angry ranting about this, that, and the other, and eventually, I’d just stop visiting my own blog all together.

This time it’s going to be different.

This blog is about my writing career – a constant in my life. Hopefully, with the influence of my writing papers at University, and my desire to build SOME kind of fan base, I can talk to y’all about various aspects of being a writer, and some off the issues I like to address in my books.


So far, I think I’ve spent about three days setting up this site. THREE DAYS. That’s so crazy; I had no idea how much work I was going to put into setting this up – I’m not complaining, I’m more… pointing out how devoted and inspired I am about this concept. With the look and layout being revamped half a dozen times, I think I’m finally happy with the image presented here. At first, everything was blue and white, and pretty. Which is great, I really liked it actually – But, it didn’t represent my writing the way this blog is supposed to.

My genre is mystery-paranormal-romance, and many variations of that combo thereupon. I write about vampires, shape-shifters, fae, demons, witches; you get the idea. Dark stuff – a whole lot of dark stuff, actually. My current focus is a gearing towards being a psychological mind-fuck. Thus, the pretty blue and white had to go. I know, I’m a little sad too. But the gothic aesthetic has always held an appeal for me, so hey, I win either way.

Ramble, ramble, ramble.

Anyway, I wanted to let y’all know I’m still constructing a few more sections for the site! It’s going to be an advice and resources section, but it might take a while to construct. The goal is to keep you coming back, keep you interested, and help  you out in your own writer aspirations.

So, for the last time, hello and welcome. I am so happy you’re here, and I hope you stick around for a while.


If you’ve checked out my books section and like the sound of em, then make sure you click that subscribe / follow button! You never know, once upon a dreamy day when I get published, I may just be sending a free copy of my book to some of my loyal enthusiasts.

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