I have spent… the past several hours tracking down, hacking into, and updating / deleting all of my old accounts and blogs across my teen haunts.

Let me help you understand. That’s 5 email addresses, with a dozen different possible passwords, across multiple platforms. I honestly don’t know how I have so many email addresses, and so many accounts.

How many booksie accounts do I have? Three. How many have I gained access to? Two. Lord knows what horrors the third one holds. I only know it exists because I referenced it on one of the other accounts. WHY ARE THERE THREE OF THEM?

How many blogger accounts did I find? Four. FOUR. Why I felt the need to have a different account for each blog, I will never know.

And two Wattpad accounts, full of cringe-y teen angst poetry.

Do you realize how many email-password combinations I’ve typed out in the past couple of hours? I feel traumatized. So many cringe-y tween posts. It honestly makes me feel bad for the younger generation, who had better access to the net as they grew up. I wasn’t active online until I was like 14; I hate to think what 10 year old are putting out there.

It’s a truly disturbing experience, at times, seeing some of the profile descriptions. I’ve spent equal parts cringing and laughing so hard I can’t breathe.

Surprisingly, there is one blog that doesn’t make me want to leap off a bridge, and that’s Bookshelf Browsing, my old book-review blog I ran throughout highschool. It’s been abandoned for five years, of course, but there’s a surprising amount of stuff there that you may be interested in browsing – some book reviews, but also a couple reading challenges, which I will eventually transfer to this blog, I think. Feel free to check it out and let me know any embarrassing posts you come across!


(Image source: IrenHorrors, Alice (Down the Rabbit Hole))

5 thoughts on “I Fell Down a Rabbit Hole

        1. Oh wow! Haha interesting.
          I hope you don’t take offence to this but at first I thought you were a woman – idk why, the icon and “budgie” are somewhat ambiguous, and i guess I’m just biased to automatically think everyone is female – im sorry!

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