WIP Wednesday: Reading and Revisiting

(Apologies for this Wednesday’s post being late! Apparently I didn’t schedule it properly)


This week (‘weeks’ being Wednesday to Wednesday) started out slow.

Across the past two weeks I’ve read two books. It wasn’t in the plans, but when I turned the last page of A Court Of Wings And Ruin by Sarah J. Maas, I couldn’t resist the itch to pick up another.

It was Beneath A Darkening Moon by Keri Arthur that put me in ‘the mood’. I had to stop reading half way through to go into my files and dig up something I haven’t touched in almost 5 years: Forbidden.

My first book ever attempted, my first completed manuscript – even if it still isn’t ‘finished’. After three rewrites, I couldn’t look at it anymore, and into the corner it went.

I was so excited to want to review it; I read almost the entire thing in a single night (needless to say, it’s not exactly ‘lengthy’). Being written (initially) at the age of 13, I can say I went in expecting a cringe fest – and don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of moments – but if I’m honest, I was pleasantly surprised when reading it… or at least, while reading the first half, the half that’s seen at least half a dozen revisions across two-to-three years. The second half… well, I was glad when I hit the last page. Needless to say, there is still MUCH work to be done before I could even consider letting another soul lay eyes on it.

I thought that, after reading it through, I would likely begin the tentative process of turning it into a logical, non-cringe-inducing YA text. Instead, upon reaching the bottom, I simply felt the desire to continue reading, which given my upcoming exams and desire to prioritize Tiger’s Eye as a main project, I wasn’t too reluctant to put the file away again. Overhauling Forbidden is going to be a long and arduous task, and it can wait for another day.

So I returned to reading Beneath A Darkening Moon, and it was certainly a page turner (even if I preferred it’s predecessor, Beneath A Rising Moon).

When I reached the end of THAT, even more surprisingly, I found my thoughts drifting to Demon’s Run (I know, what a week!)

This is a project only half-generated, but still which holds enormous enthusiasm on my part, and thus makes the short list for projects-acceptable-to-work-on, it is one of only THREE I consider Works in Progress at the moment.

So I spent Sunday night (until 4am) reading the thirteen pages I drafted when first conceptualizing the project.

I have since written, admittedly, only six pages of Demon’s Run, but I’m pretty cool with that because most of my time spent on it has been on research. How appalled I was to reached the end of the file and discover I haven’t even named my supporting character / love interest yet – let alone even decided what he is. 

But that’s all sussed now, and while there are still some hazy details to be determined, I now have a much better idea of how this book may play out.
That’s all for this week! I know I haven’t touched Tiger’s Eye this week, but I think I’m okay with that on account of the other progress going on….

Still, all I want to do is pick up another book and read but if I do, I know I’ll never get any exam prep done.

Next week is likely to be a quiet week while I wrap up the semester at Uni, but then I’ve something like two-to-three weeks off, so I’ll hopefully post some more then!

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