WIP Wednesday: I’m a bad writer

Not to say that my writing is bad – no, I’m quite impressed sometimes when I reread something I’ve written, like damn, coulda read that in a real book. While there’s always room for improvement, I’m not talking about that at all.

I’m talking about how I haven’t touched any of my stories at all this week. I’m not bad at writing, I’m bad at being a writer. It’s a serious problem.


This week has been mostly spent binge-watching The Mentalist and Castle. I’m a tv addict, and spent weeks feeling so stressed from university that I couldn’t peacefully watch anything, and it’s like I feel obligated to make up for lost time. It’s terrible, it really is, because when I say “binge” I mean I’m literally up past 4am watching tv shows – and I’d probably be up anyway, because my sleep cycle’s all out of wack, but it’s certainly not helping the situation.

What I have managed to achieve is some work on my blog. You might’ve seen, I extended my interwebs reach a little further by stumbling across BlogLovin, and made an account. I honestly don’t know how popular the site is, but I’ve stumbled across a couple of other blogs there with a couple thousand followers, so there’s clearly an available audience that I might as well try to reach, and since it doesn’t require any “extra” work, why not?

The other progress I made was creating something like 10 scheduled blog posts to publish between now and the end of the year – obviously I’ll be writing other posts across that time, but this’ll theoretically help my productivity, in keeping my blog regularly active while not devoting the majority of a week to maintenance.

That’s one thing I underestimated when I made this blog; not just how much time it requires, but also how much I’d want to give it. Obviously I’m interested in creating a successful blog, but I didn’t expect to have so much desire to spend time on it, to browse other blogger’s posts, to write so many of my own (I have a whole list of draft post concepts to be written, along with my queued posts). I wouldn’t say it’s a bad thing, but with my lack of discipline, the time I spend writing is dwindling.

I need to get back into my writing; I’ve been especially struggling with Tiger’s Eye, and I’m not 100% sure how to fix it. Theoretically, I figure I should read something that inspired the series in the first place. Unfortunately I already have a high-priority read on my list.

The Salted Air is a book written by one of my lecturers at uni, and I figured I wanted to read something from him before my class starts with him next semester. It’s not going well so far. So, I have Full Moon Rising, Keri Arthur, to read on the side… And I recently adopted a whole lot of new books from a second hand bookstore, Trash and Treasures – which I also intend to be doing some volunteer work at in the near future! Mega excited.

DCafaNvVYAIYHSk (1).jpg

I know you can’t sit around waiting for inspiration to strike in order to write… but I really hope I feel more motivated soon, because I’m just too tired to function at the moment. I’m not gyming, I’m not reading, I’m not writing. I’m always tired.

That’s all for this week. Hopefully by next post, I’ll have actually made some progress. Wish me luck.


8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: I’m a bad writer

  1. I hope you can get back into it. I just came out if one of the most stressful times in my life, and my writing habits definitely suffered. As writers, we generally need a decent frame of mind to write, even darkly. Once the fog of my funk was lifted, I belted out over twenty thousand words between two comedy novels I want to publish in 2018.

    So I’m saying I hope for your funk to lift and to hit the page like I did.


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  2. I’ve been in a bit of a fiction writing funk, too, lately. It’s frustrating! Writing 10 blog posts, though, is nothing to sneeze at. No time spent writing is wasted. I believe many things in life come in cycles. I’m confident that you and I will both cycle back into our fiction writing. After a bit of a break from it, we just might plunge back into it with a renewed sense of purpose and clearer focus.

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