WIP Wednesday: Two steps forward, One step back

I honestly can’t be upset about this week… but I know I did a bad thing.

Lets start at the beginning though.

I got hit with some intense nostalgia cravings this week; see, when I started writing I joined Booksie, a writer community / website that predates Wattpad (I think?). I loved it, and I read some really awesome stories on there – most of us, I think, were young, so they mightn’t have been the best quality, but had some epic story-lines none-the-less. In the throws of my nostalgia cravings I tracked down two memorable stories that have flitted through my mind more than once recently. In doing so, I’ve reconnected with an old writing friend (hey Kandice!), and it’s so awesome; friends in the writing community are so important, like I never really realized how much I love talking books because I just don’t actually have friends-friends who write.

Anyway, I found the desired stories, and read both within 4 days. Coming out of this, I felt so inspired, oml I can’t believe how much I loved these stories. I’m legitimately so jealous of these writers, the people just like me, who have produced these amazing stories – one of which, is sadly unfinished, and unlikely to be finished, which is absolutely soul-crushing.


This is where I started breaking the rules.

In my nostalgic craze, I revisited… everything. I have gone through and read, essentially, every novel outline I’ve ever drafted. That’s 41 books.

Novel List

You can see here the ones that have been plotted; been half-written; and those that made the short list for #WIP.

My rules are simple. I am devoting myself to completing the four novels in the third column; these are the stories I am allowed to work on. End of story. No arguments. The others are on hold until I’ve knocked one off my list.


The good news is, I’m finally writing again. I wrote 6 pages in a matter of hours – I know it’s not overly impressive, but having just come out of a slump, I’m so happy with this progress.

In case you haven’t guessed yet, these six pages were not on any of the four novels I’m supposed to be working on. Maybe you can see why I’m disappointed, but not too upset.


See the issue was, I’ve been writing for 7-8 years now, and I’ve completed all of one novel. One. I completed that novel over 5 years ago. I completed that novel in a matter of months. My first and only novel – and it’s not even “finished”; 5 years is a long time to realize the romantic fantasies of a thirteen year old are cringe-inducing nightmare-fuel. It needs some serious editing and revising.

But since? I’ve achieved the middle column: 15 partially written novels. Because I couldn’t settle – I would draft one new story after another, as inspiration morphed from vampires into fae into demons, from YA into adult fiction. But nothing got finished.

Thus, the rule: four WIP’s only. Devote myself only to these, and get shit finished. That was the rule, that was the goal – Tiger’s Eye is supposed to be finished in 6 months time, and publishable within the next year.


But here I am. Browsing everything but.

I haven’t decided yet whether to give myself a boot up the ass. Because I am writing – I’m writing! Finally! I am inspired, I am raring to get the words down, and I think I’m going to go with the flow.

Kandice’s story, I realized, has inspired two of my own in different ways. Condemned and my Seven Deadly Sins (SDS) series take different themes from her writing and evolved them into my own concepts; one, the concept of a romance between vampire boss and troubled human gal. The other, a gal with a rough past, addicted to fangbanging. That, however, is where the similarities end (cause I aint no story theif!).

Desire (SDS: bk 1) was originally kind of YA Vampire Academy concept, but I’ve completely replotted it into an adult vampire-university type story – because 100% I’m throwing some sex in there. There’s no way the themes would be appropriate for a teenage audience anyway – addiction, prostitution, etc. Woops. No go. Not for YA. Na-uh. Come to think of it… Samael (a bad-boy with a couple secrets who is 100% to be renamed) is somewhat reminiscent of the love interest in the OTHER story I reread from booksie… Not hard to guess what I was reading when I drafted these concepts I guess.

But I’m so keen to work on these two stories. Like, so keen. I’ve debated adding SDS: Desire to my WIP list – that’s how into it I am; especially since re-inventing the story. Decisions, decisions.


But next month is Camp NaNo and I had decided that Demon’s Run should be the focus of the month…. but I’m starting to doubt that decision.

There’s some serious plot missing in the concept. I’m missing the POINT of the story, I don’t know exactly where it’s going.

Maybe that’s all the more reason to write it.





6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Two steps forward, One step back

  1. I’ve been in this place many times in my life. And I’m still not published, so I guess in many ways I’m still revisiting a similar relationship with my writing. I’m not necessarily offering advice, but what I do is spend the year working on something at the speed that feels best, and when NaNoWriMo comes around, I try to dedicate myself to that time frame to hit the work hard. That’s when I kick my work into high gear. Not saying I don’t randomly get inspired and hit the ground running, but yeah. Last year I did this and it worked great. This year I plan on the same. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Love this – sounds like my story… and I’ve only been publishing since September! 😄

    I have THREE wips set up for CampNaNo. Which one will I work on? Who knows? Let’s just hope I start writing something Saturday!

    Cmon, Ace – we can do this! Let’s get shit done! 😉👍😄😄😄

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  3. I’m so glad to read that you have also emerged from your writing slump this week! I, too, came out of mine on Saturday. I wrote more than 2,500 words of outline, plus several hundred words of backstory and some characters’ bio sketches. A clear path finally opened up for the rewrite of my novel manuscript. I thought about the “conversation” you and I had last week about how we just weren’t getting anywhere with our writing. It feels great to have that weight of self-doubt and stagnation off my back, and I sense you’re feeling much the same. Now let’s get back to our writing!

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