Tiger’s Eye or Deadly Summonings

I’ve been questioning the title of Tiger’s Eye. It was initially a title of convenience, something I could use to reference my book. I even like it for a while… but as the story progresses, I question it’s accuracy and efficiency in representing the story.

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It’s something I’ve been thinking on for a while, and I did, after-all, tentatively title the sequel “Dead in the Night” (before I settled on Tiger’s Eye), which in no way fits as a title following on from Tiger’s Eye. That, and sequel title’s become awfully limited after Tiger’s Eye. Tiger’s Heart, Tiger’s…. Soul…?? It doesn’t feel right, and it speaks nothing of my story, of the genre, or anything besides the fact she’s a tiger shape-shifter.

So, a while ago I thought up Deadly Summonings which is both much more ominous and suggestive about the story.

Except, of course, the plural for “summon” is “sumonses” which kinda throws that off, but I dunno, people get it, right?


So I put the question to you.

First, would I be better off sticking with Tiger’s Eye at this point because I’ve already started “marketing” it as such and changing the title could be confusing?

Do you guys like the title Tiger’s Eye? Do you like it better than Deadly Summonings? Or do you hate them both, in which case I am open to suggestions?


3 thoughts on “Tiger’s Eye or Deadly Summonings

  1. Personally, I love Tiger’s Eye. I wouldn’t base your decision so much off initial marketing; as a librarian, I’ve seen many authors’ titles change. I would base your decision on how much you love the title.

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  2. I don’t think you should change it. I like Tiger’s Eye. Keeping the title theme of Tiger’s Blank is an excellent way to make books in the series recognisable as part of that series, even if by the end it’s stretching it. Also I would be uneasy to change a title after you start marketing, but many people do it, it just has to be done right.

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