The Authors Note

Honestly, a lot of authors notes are… well, decidedly boring. They’re often just called Acknowledgements these days I think, and very few people pause to read them.

There are however, some gems out there. I found these a while ago:


I honestly can’t wait to write a creative, witty authors note of my own! There’s so much potential here – and considering how many people skip over them, it’d almost be like an easter egg.


When I get Tiger’s Eye published, I swear, the authors note / dedication in the front is going to read:

Mum, Dad, and extended family,

If you are reading this, thank you for supporting me as a writer, I love you all so much, but for the love of god, put this god damn book down and never. Touch it. Again. Ever.

This may seem a lil harsh, but some of the content in Tiger’s Eye… I mean there’s sex, yes, and that’s bad enough, but it’s full of psychological torture and physical abuse. I don’t know what conclusions people might draw from it, but I don’t want to find out – at least not when my family’s concerned. I dread ever having to discuss ‘that rape scene’ or the pedophilic undertones in the book. It’s one of the things that’s held me back in writing sections of the book.

Anyone else have this fear?

Let me know in the comments if you’ll be going with no dedication, a traditional one, or something witty.

5 thoughts on “The Authors Note

  1. Authors notes are usually either cute or, yes, witty.
    And I only say cute because of if you know, or can guess
    the reason behind them (ie, To my beloved Pizza guy, I will find you again)

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  2. “This book is dedicated to doing the right thing and not being a moral stunad” was the note the preceded Freedom Lane da’ Movie 2 in Space. Typically I use a more traditional note, but Freedom Lane isn’t too typical.

    I really liked yours, though. It made me laugh.

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  3. From my next book, Blood Drive:

    To the American Red Cross and their blood drive volunteers. I hope they have a sense of humor.

    To all those who have benefited from my donations of O Positive. There’s a little Budgie in all of you now.

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