Life is exceptionally busy during crunch time at uni, assignments due, stress is high, etc. so the blog posts are a little slow, and my shopping trips are impulsive. Luckily I can salvage one of these issues with the other.

This is a blabbering, round-about way of saying I left my house and when I returned I had to rearrange my bookshelf for like $60 worth of new books. I don’t have a problem with this – though, my bank account does. Never mind that.

I’ve been working on series collecting lately, which I honestly believe is the most satisfying thing in my life. So here’s what I’ve added to my shelf lately:

Tower of Dawn, Sarah J. Maas 


I fell in love with Throne of Glass years ago, and while I know the series has more or less completely warped into something new, and a lot of people have criticized the series as it evolved, it’s still an addictive page-turner for me. I can’t wait to dig into this book, but through past experience, I know I can’t pick it up until the semester is done or I’ll neglect all my work until I’ve turned the last page. I compulsively collect SJM’s work as they come out and am so excited.

Clariel, Garth Nix


Garth Nix writes middle-grade fiction, which I know is a little ‘innocent’ for a lot of people my age, but I read Sabriel back in high school and just adored it. The series has been on my “collection” list for a long time, and thank god because if I hadn’t been looking to buy them, I never would’ve discovered there’s a whole book I didn’t know about. So naturally, I instantly spent all my money on it.

A Collection of Classics


Dracula, Bram Stoker | Frankenstein, Mary Shelley | Pride & Prejudice, Jane Austen | Sense & Sensibility, Jane Austen | Northanger Abbey, Jane Austen |

The five I bought are only half the collection I originally picked up in store. These re-released classics were on sale, and there were so, so many, and I wanted all of them but my finances would not allow and I was forced to settle for a small selection. I’ve never actually read any of the classics – not Dracula, or Frankenstein or any of Jane Austen, or Charles Dickens, but they’ve always been on my list and when I saw them with these modern covers I fell in love.


So there we have it. A long, rambling post about nothing. But if any of you have any opinions about the books I’ve added to my shelf, leave your comments down below, or give me some suggestion about some other series to collect.


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