Eliza Dushku as Olivia Fairwood

I wanted to share a short excerpt, which is actually from the sequel to Tiger’s Eye, that nicely showcases Olivia’s personality.




She shoved him sideways and he stumbled against the concrete wall. Still, he tried to run but she held on tight and put her other arm up against his chest, putting all her weight on it. It was a little pathetic, a grown man running from a woman in heels, but maybe this guy didn’t hate para so much as he feared them.

“Let go of me!” He demanded, eyes wild and breath heavy.

Olivia raised her eyebrows at him, “you’re a grown man running from a woman like a child from the boogie-man. Why might that be Mr. Harris?”

He laughed bitterly, “you aren’t a woman, you’re a monster!”

She sighed. “You hired the monsters with the hope that they’d kill someone for you; I think my conscience is clear on that one.”

He was a surgeon. Olivia didn’t expect him to be armed, or dumb enough to attempt to fight back. She was wrong on both counts and should’ve been paying more attention. Before she could react, Josh Harris had pulled a silver scalpel from somewhere near his belt and put it to her throat. She knew it was silver from the smell; when allergic to something and able to scent most things, one learned to recognize it.

“You are threatening an employee of the Executioner’s Department of the Council; do you really want to make that move?”

“You attacked me; I- I have a right to defend myself!” he growled.

Olivia growled right back, a real tiger growl. His eyes flew wide with fear and he began to struggle again, this time more desperately. She sensed the spike in his pulse and fought off a smile, “I scare you, Mr. Harris. Why might that be?”

He didn’t answer, but he gave up struggling too. He had no way to escape, but that didn’t mean he was going to cooperate. Instead, the silver pressed a little harder to her neck; it was so sharp the skin parted under that tiny bit of pressure and her skin began to burn.

She toyed with the idea of pulling her gun, wondering if she could do it faster than he could slit her throat, “I have the license to shoot you if I have to Josh, is that what you want?”

He opened and closed his mouth a few times, obviously at a loss for words.

She took the opportunity to bring her free arm up, faster than his human reflexes could kick in, and knock his arm away. There was a lot of risk in the maneuver, but she only felt the blade nick her throat, burning slightly. She took hold of his wrist and shoved it back against the concrete wall, hard enough to jar his hand into dropping the scalpel.

“Well now, it seems you’re in quite the predicament, Josh. You should know that I quite enjoy my job and the license it gives me to tear your fucking throat out. Now you’ve pissed me off, I highly recommend writing out a check or they might just send me to your bedroom window in the middle of the night,” she threatened, “do you have kids, Josh?”

“Fuck you!” he spat, looking around desperately, “Somebody help me!”

With a roll of her eyes, she threw him down on the pavement, swiftly drawing her gun with her other hand and aiming it at his head, “go ahead, scream one more time. I’m begging you.”

The playfulness in her voice was long gone as she touched her fingers to her throat, feeling the blood ooze down her chest. It may have been a small nick, but the silver ensured the wound would bleed ten times more than it should’ve.

Josh gazed up at her, the terror clear on his face as he shuffled away, dirtying up his pretty little dress pants.

“Oh, to hell with this,” she sighed, adjusting her aim.

She fired one shot, directly into his thigh and then pulled out her phone even as he screamed. The laser was so hot, the wound was cauterized instantly, removing the risk of bleeding out entirely. Unlike his silver fucking scalpel.

She touched her neck again in disgust as she dialed and put the phone to her ear. Still bleeding.

People were stopped at either end of the alley, watching them as Josh screamed. She huffed, pinning the phone between her shoulder and ear, freeing her hand to reach into the top of her bra and retrieve her badge. Easy storage, easy access.

She held it up in the air, even knowing it was unlikely any of the observers would be able to identify what it was, “it’s ok, I’m DPI. Move along.”

“Aah, Olivia, I was beginning to worry,” Eric gleefully mocked as he answered.

“Sure. Now, what does protocol say about shooting a guy in the street?”

The other end was silent, and Olivia mentally conjured the image of the grin dropping from his face and wished she’d just dragged the guy back, all the way into Eric’s office just to see the look for herself.

“You didn’t.”

“In my defense, he pulled a really fucking sharp silver knife on me.”

She heard his fist slam into his desk, “damn it, Olivia!”

“Don’t get mad at me! You hired me to kill people, not play politics – for this very reason.”

The words out of her mouth drew Josh’s sobbing attention from his leg back to her in horror, but his mouth just opened and closed wordlessly.

She winked at him.

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