Debut Author Reading Challenge

The Debut Author Challenge (originated on a blog called The Story Siren) challenges you to read 12 Debut* Novels between the beginning of Jan and end of Dec.
*Debut: a first public appearance (a new product).


Challenge Objective:

  • To read (and review, if you are so inclined) a minimum of twelve Young Adult (YA) or Middle Grade (MG) debut novels between the January 1st and December 31st/ Jan 31st the following year

    *The January extension is so that December Debuts (books released in December) can be read and count toward the challenge.


Rules and Guidelines:

  • Any Advance Reader copies (copy of a book received before the release) you read before the January 1st start date do NOT count towards the challenge!
  • You can read the 12 novels in one month or 12 months – it doesn’t matter so long as you get through them all!
  • You should track your progress on either a blog or something like Goodreads


Book Guidelines:

  • This challenge is for Young Adult titles, but feel free to adapt it to suite your desires!
  • It must be the authors debut in YA or MG (they cannot have previously had a YA / MG novel published) BUT the author can still qualify if previously published material is a Child or Adult title. (Or their debut in Adult Fic if you’re going in that direction)
  • The books must be released in within the challenge year, between Jan 1st and Dec 31st.


Adapt these however you like to suit your needs! (Except, you know, the Debut part. That’s kind of the point here.)

Link me to your planned reading list!

Here’s a couple of links to get you started:

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