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Hello, and welcome to the new year!

Right around this time last year, I was telling myself, “this is going to be my year.” I had plans, and all the good intentions in the world.

Alas, 2017 was not all I intended it to be. I never finished Tiger’s Eye, nor did I complete Nanowrimo, and my reading goal was left unmet. There were many goals not achieved, but I am happy to say I’ve still made some wonderful bookish accomplishments, and I can welcome in 2018 feeling that 2017 was better than the year before, and confident that I can do better again this coming year.



In 2017, I:

  • Read more books than I have in the last 3 years combined.
    (11 out of my planned 12).
  • I started this blog / site.
    As an effort to be more serious about my writing career, I began my social networking journey with this blog, along with many other platforms.
  • I amassed 682 followers across all my social media.
    (And not a single one was an email subscriber! xD )
  • I made a lot of developments in both of my favourite projects right now, Demon’s Run and Tiger’s Eye (soon to be renamed Deadly Summonings!)



I have many, many exciting and terrifying things planned for 2018. I am entering this year with much more certainty in my life direction and desires than I had this time last year, and I’m hoping that will lend itself to making more accomplishments moving forward.

Here’s what’s on my agenda for the coming year:

  1. Finish the draft of Tiger’s Eye (Deadly Summonings), complete the editing, and start preparing to publish!
  2. Draft (at least mostly complete?) Demon’s Run
  3. Write a more casual “serial” piece to be available free and exclusive on Wattpad – kept updated weekly!
  4. Start a youtube (writers-tube) channel!
  5. Be more dedicated to this blog – which will involve blogging every week
  6. Start a quarterly newsletter & build a mailing list
  7. Read 12 books (one a month!)
  8. Complete Nanowrimo


How I’m going to accomplish this:

Quite simply, my life lacks structure and routine. I always “plan” to do things, but I never set aside time to do them.

This year I will be making a schedule, setting days in which I will complete specific weekly tasks (e.g. update the blog, Youtube, or Wattpad every Sunday, etc.), and have a daily to-do list, which will include writing a minimum of 500 words each and every day.

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Habits I need to stop:

A big issue many of us writers have is finding the time to write. You might be looking at that list and thinking damn dis girl gonna be busy! And you’re right, I will be. But the time is there – I just need to stop wasting it.


  • “Oh, I only have 15 minutes / half an hour / an hour / 3 hours before this thing I Image result for procrastinationneed to do; I don’t want to start anything productive”
  • Binge watching tv shows! (this one’s gonna hurt!)
  • Filling every spare moment with socializing (I’ve apparently shaken my introverted ways I’m afraid)
  • Checking social media before started my planned task
  • Letting a lack of inspiration stop me from sitting down with my work
  • Procrastinating


So there we have it!
My plan for the new year: stop procrastinating, and just bloody do it already!

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