Quarterly Newsletter

I’m finally doing it!

I’m getting my ass into gear and putting my fears aside.

Writing my very own newsletter is something I’ve ummed and aaahed about for the past year, and I was reluctant for two main reasons.

The first: Fear.

I have a lot of anxiety, especially surrounding author-y things, putting myself out there. I haven’t published anything yet… So I feel like almost like an imposter. I’m also scared of being judged and laughed at by people I know IRL should they find my attempts at building a following – especially if I flop and fail.

Why would someone be interested in an unpublished author? What reason would anyone have to bother subscribing? I console myself with the fact I do actually have things to share – knowledge and experience, and there are numerous other things I can include

Thankfully, anxiety and fear are familiar demons I’ve had to battle against for a long, long time. I’m getting better and better at challenging my fears and overcoming them. A kind of “feel the fear and do it anyway” kind of mindset.


The above image is one I put together in photoshop (using images that don’t belong to me, just disclaimer) that I intend to have tattooed (one day in the distant future when I have some actual $$ in my bank account).

It’s an encouragement and affirmation to never turn down good opportunities because I’m scared. So, going by this rule, fear alone is not an acceptable reason not to at least try.

My second reason for hesitation revolves around motivation.

I struggle with on-and-off bouts of devotion to my craft (and everything therein involved). This is mostly linked to fluctuations in mental health.

I regularly get inspired to do things – start something, and then it just kind of … fizzles. Maintaining dedication, even to things I enjoy, is a lot of work and it can be very draining.

Luckily, I’ve also made a vow not to let mental illness stand in my way either. I acknowledge that this is a part of who I am, and while I’m not going to just accept this as me, someone who never finishes / maintains anything, I’m also not going to get let myself get too bummed when I inevitably have no desire to continue productions (temporarily of course. The spark will eventually return).

So instead, I will be planning for this drop. I’m already accounting for it by making this a quarterly newsletter – it may mean I’m not as present in someone’s inbox, but it means I only have to worry about this task 4 times a year, which is much easier to manage than trying to produce monthly (or god forbid, weekly!) newsletters. Besides, no one wants that clutter in their email anyway. Right?

I’m also going to plan in advance any extras and filler bits so that, aside from updates on things, I can essentially have drag-and-drop content ready to make up half the content, which will in turn, make newsletter production an easier, and less daunting task.

Of course, these are all thoughts that I’ve had every time the topic pops up.

What’s changed? Why decide to start now?

Well, aside from it of course being a new year and the time of new beginnings and resolutions, I realised that I started this blog and all my other social media almost a year ago now – almost a whole year! – and I’m still here. There may’ve been times where activity slumped, but there was never a time where I was completely absent across the board (fb, twitter, tumblr, and the blog) for any extended amount of time.

I think I’m ready to take on this new task, and I’m super excited to see what comes of it.

You can expect updates on how things are going for me direct to your inbox; things like highlights from the blog, news announcements, updates on writing projects, special deals or give-aways, and more.

I may even agree to a follow-for-follow deal; hit me up about your own newsletters and I’ll check them out!

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