A blog update is well overdue!

We are of course, mid global pandemic. That’s some scary stuff. I’m incredibly lucky to be in New Zealand, where Covid-19 has not yet overwhelmed our population, but we are in quarantine.

With half of the country shut down and only essential services in operation, everyone is tucked away at home to ride it out. My course has been suspended until further notice, and I find myself with an excessive amount of free time on my hands, even for me!

A few days ago, I was rudely reminded of the existence of Camp NaNoWriMo via last-minute sign-up announcements on Twitter.

Naturally, I jumped on the bus.

For anyone not on the up-and-up, Camp NaNo is a slightly-less-strict, more flexible version of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) wherein us crazies decide to attempt a 50,000 word novel in the space of a month. Camp NaNo runs through April, and the real-deal NaNo takes place in November.


And what better time to tackle such insanity that when already forced to remain indoors to begin with?

Normally, Nano runs through my University semesters, which has proven troublesome in the past and what led to ultimately not even realizing it had once more arrived. I’ve only succeeded at the challenge once in all my years writing, but this time around, I’ve got no excuses not to write. Silver lining anyone?

It’s now day four, and I’m right on track!

The process so far has been incredibly grindy, an uphill battle to get my daily 1700 words on the page, but things have started to smooth out and roll just a little more naturally, so fingers crossed the going gets easier from here!

I’m tackling the rewrite of Forbidden, which I first drafted some 10 years ago and have failed to successfully rewrite in more legible, less cringy prose. But no more! By the end of Camp Nano I should be a solid chunk of the way through this completely revamped story, as I’m armed with my recently near-completed outline.

Forbidden Pitch NO SAT

Nothing to get in the way but my own damn self!

Any other Nano-ers out there? I’d love to hear about your projects! Feel free to share in the comments what your quarantine plans are and how you’re coping.

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