My name is Ace Parks and I’m a New Zealand urban fantasy and paranormal mystery writer of both Adult and YA fiction. Writing has been my crutch and my dream since the mere age of 13. It started as a hobby, fueled with a desire for books to bend to my visions; now it’s my life’s dream.
Born and raised in New Zealand, I have a number of sibling and a whole hoard of niblings (that’s the gender-neutral term for nieces and nephews!). I’m part way through my bachelors, a double major in Creative Writing and Psychology, and once that’s wrapped up, the goal is to go teach English in Japan!
I’m a serial hobbyist; that is to say, I enjoy reading, writing, sewing, art, yoga, dance, and probably half a dozen other things that are currently on the back-burner and don’t immediately spring to mind.
Ironically, as a child I refused to read. I wouldn’t go near a book – not until they were forced upon me in Intermediate, and the rest, as they say, is history. Since my discovery of the written word, I’ve spent my life spouting off about how I’m going to be an author. Follow me as I try to make that dream come true.

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