Disappearing Act

I pulled another vanishing act this past month or so. Due to personal life struggles, I decided to take a break from... well, everything. I packed a bag and went away for two weeks, ignoring all social media so I could focus on myself for a while. It was much needed and properly enjoyed, but … Continue reading Disappearing Act

The Young Adult Reading Challenge

The Rules: All books must be Young Adult. Track your books either privately, or publicly on your blog or a Goodreads account. No need to list your books in advance. You may select books as you go. Even if you list them now, you can change the list if needed. There are four levels: The … Continue reading The Young Adult Reading Challenge

Review: The Laughing Corpse (book 2)

The Laughing Corpse by Laurell K. Hamilton My rating: 5 of 5 stars Just a brief, probably biased review:I've been a fan of Laurell K. Hamilton for years now, and I enjoyed the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series enough for this to be my second read through as I collect her books.The Laughing Corpse, the … Continue reading Review: The Laughing Corpse (book 2)

The Authors Note

Honestly, a lot of authors notes are... well, decidedly boring. They're often just called Acknowledgements these days I think, and very few people pause to read them. There are however, some gems out there. I found these a while ago:   I honestly can't wait to write a creative, witty authors note of my own! … Continue reading The Authors Note

Where the hell have I been?

Most of you probably haven't noticed, but I've been somewhat absent these past few weeks, with few original posts and many re-blogs of other people's content, and I've certainly missed a number of weekly WIP posts. You probably didn't notice. I've at least managed to stay somewhat active in twitter, even posting to facebook on … Continue reading Where the hell have I been?

Tiger’s Eye or Deadly Summonings

I've been questioning the title of Tiger's Eye. It was initially a title of convenience, something I could use to reference my book. I even like it for a while... but as the story progresses, I question it's accuracy and efficiency in representing the story. (Click here to read the blurb) It's something I've been … Continue reading Tiger’s Eye or Deadly Summonings

Out-do Yourself Reading Challenge

What’s your reading goal this year? If it’s to read more books, then this is the reading challenge for you. I recommend this mostly for people who love to read, but have fallen out of touch with books and want to get their numbers up again. Of course, you can participate no matter how much … Continue reading Out-do Yourself Reading Challenge

Things which are also writing



Writing doesn’t just happen at that moment when pen glides across page, when fingers strike the keyboard. Most writers know that writing happens even at the most unexpected of times: as you daydream in the shower; as you struggle with a blank page; when you’re eavesdropping on that couple fighting on the subway; when you’re not even consciously thinking about your writing and then, suddenly an idea pops into your head, as if from nowhere.

And yet for myself, and I suspect many other writers, there’s an ever-present twinge of guilt whenever we’re not in the physical act of writing. A feeling that we’re somehow not doing what we’re meant to do.

I’m pretty interested in this idea – this question of how it would feel to let go of all of the preconceptions about what we should be doing and embraced doing what feels good. What if our…

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Writing Rule #3

It’s been said before, it’ll be said again.
This. Is. So. Important.

B.B. Morgan

Read. That’s right. You want to write well and sell books? Read.

Read in your genre to know what’s being done, what’s been done, and what hasn’t been done in a while. You avoid tropes and stereotypes this way. (While searching for agents to query, I found one agent’s profile that specifically said “no spunky redheaded protagonists.” I take that to mean a startling number of queries advertised one.) This way, you also know authors who write similar to you. When you write that query you can say, “Fans of this author or this book will enjoy mine.”

Don’t just read in your genre. Read all genres. Read nonfiction. Take a break and browse through a reference book. Read new books. Read classics. Read short stories and poetry. Read essays. Read not just to know trends and what’s getting published, but also to see how other writers structure sentences…

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