My life expectancy just dropped from 70 more years to like, two. Maybe. If I make the right connections, maybe I’ll live past the day I’m fired. Otherwise, I’m dead. If I’m not a good PA? I’m dead. If I don’t keep my mouth shut? I’m dead.


Ashley Benson - Pretty little liars

As a teenage high school student with a deep fear of the recently-outed vampires, Sandra was decidedly average.

That is, until her mom went missing. Desperate to find her mother before her sister is taken away from her, Sandra ventures into the world of the undead and gets a lot more than she bargained for.

With a life-threatening secret on her shoulders, Sandra finds herself forced into the employ of an ancient vampire who’s slowly going insane. Now she must balance the search for her mother with a ridiculous job that her life depends on keeping.


Work in Progress

(Image: Ashley Benson, as in Pretty Little Liars)