Busy as a Bee

2021 is shaping up to be one hell of a year! Enough has been said on 2020. I won't give yet another spiel, but instead I turn my attention forward. OpportunitiesWhat I'm DoingMassive MagazineI'm writing a thing or two here and there for my University's magazine.Massey GuideI'm helping new faces get set up and settled … Continue reading Busy as a Bee

On Microfiction

Microfiction is such a fascinating form of story telling. With a finite number of words, every syllable is vital. In my post Story Classifications, I discuss typical length of microfiction and the 6 word story. In reality, we see microfiction all the time. You see, microfiction is rarely (if ever?) a complete start-to-finish story - … Continue reading On Microfiction

Lessons of Today:

- When driving 5 hours on 4hrs of sleep, coffee will help keep you awake and alert. - Going to work on 4 hours of sleep and 2 cups of coffee after 5 hours of driving will make you irritable and shitty as all hell. - After driving 5 hrs and working 3 hrs on … Continue reading Lessons of Today: