Quarterly Newsletter

I'm finally doing it! I'm getting my ass into gear and putting my fears aside. Writing my very own newsletter is something I've ummed and aaahed about for the past year, and I was reluctant for two main reasons. The first: Fear. I have a lot of anxiety, especially surrounding author-y things, putting myself out there. … Continue reading Quarterly Newsletter

Wrapping Up and Starting Fresh

Hello, and welcome to the new year! Right around this time last year, I was telling myself, "this is going to be my year." I had plans, and all the good intentions in the world. Alas, 2017 was not all I intended it to be. I never finished Tiger's Eye, nor did I complete Nanowrimo, … Continue reading Wrapping Up and Starting Fresh

Your New Years Resolution: An Evaluation

That's right people, we are almost half way through 2017. Shit. Now some of you mightn't have bothered with New Years resolutions; I can certainly understand the sentiment. It's just a day of the year, nothing special, you can vow to change at any point in time - or maybe you just don't believe in … Continue reading Your New Years Resolution: An Evaluation