How to Stop Feeling Ashamed of Old Writing Projects #ASMSG #SundayBlogShare


A few years ago your old writing project was the best thing ever. It put a spring in your step and a twinkle in your eye. At the time of writing this great literary masterpiece you were positive it would be the turning point in your literary career.

You spent hours, days, weeks and months working on this project. It was all you talked about and everyone around you was given a regular update on its progress, whether they wanted one or not. When you were not working on it you were busy daydreaming about…getting stuck in a lift with a literary agent, sneaking it out of your bag (all 300 A4 sheets) and whilst they were hammering on the lift emergency button you would whisper,“whilst wewait to be rescued, youcould read something I wrote…earlier…(cough cough)”.

Roll forward to the present day. The love you had for this project…

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